Day 9 in Portugal / Outlet Shopping in Lisbon and Leaving Portugal

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The ninth and the final day in Portugal started with backing and breakfast. Before noon we had already left the house for the last time and we were heading to Lisbon. This time we drove via red bridge (25 de Abril Bridge) and visited a monument (Christo Rei).

PortugalLisbon590 kopio

PortugalLisbon575 kopio

For me Lisbon looks quite old and poor city in general and after one day in downtown I wasn’t too curious to see more of it (okay, I live in one of Europe’s cleanest and most modern capital areas so it might not be that ban in Lisbon trough somebody else’s eyes). There were quite a lot of homeless people, hucksters and old buildings that weren’t in too good condition. Maybe there are some nicer and richer areas somewhere in Lisbon but for me outlet sounded more fun than trying to find those.

PortugalLisbon592 kopio

PortugalLisbon596 kopio

PortugalLisbon598 kopio

Thus we headed to Freeport Fashion Outlet that was big outdoor outlet full of well-known brands such as Adidas, Boss, Gant and Hilfiger. I found nice heels from Hilfiger with 86€, a bag for 31€ from Nike and nice Sunday sweater from Gant for 39€, in addition I found some sport bras and socks from different stores. My boyfriend found a pair of better shoes, sneakers, pants, and some sports wear and socks. Moreover all of our friends found something so it was a good idea to use the last day shopping. This outlet was cheaper than shops in Finland but more expensive than outlets in the US.

PortugalLisbon619 kopio

Shopping outfit

– shorts: Motivi

– shirt: Marco Polo

– shoes: Puma

– bag: DKNY

+ shopping bags (Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Gant, Puma, Nike)

After long and fun shopping day we drove back to airport and returned our cars. Driving in Lisbon was crazy but returning cars was easy, the signs were good and clear and there were plenty of them. Additionally when you drive in return area there are personnel ready to check your car. That will take less than 10 minutes and you’re then ready to go.

Before our flight we went ANA lounge in Lisbon airport. It was really crowded at that day. Okay lounge area and great food but in general it was just mediocre. Of course nicer than hanging around the gate are though.

This was the last post about our travels to Portugal. I hope you enjoyed! I’d be grateful to hear feedback about my travel posts. Is there something more I should have covered? Was there too much or too few photos and text? How about the quality and setting, how could I do even better? Thanks for your time!




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