Day 8 in Portugal / Daytrip to Lisbon

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Our day eight in Portugal was one earlier wake up day because we wanted to spend the entire day in capital of Portugal, Lisbon. On our way there we accidentally happened to drive Europe’s longest bridge 17-kilometer bridge (of which 10 kilometers over water), Vasco da Gama (some of us wanted to see another bridge, which we explored at the next day but guys who used to navigator mixed the bridges).

IMG_3509 kopio

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In Lisbon we mostly wandered around to see the city, shopped a bit (we found some nice socks and new wallet for my bf from Hilfiger store) and had really good chicken in Pito do Bairro, a restaurant that tells that they offer the best chicken in Lisbon. Well, we didn’t eat chicken in any other place in Lisbon but I can still tell that their chicken and service are good.

IMG_3540 kopio

We shopped couple pairs of socks and new wallet for my bf from Hilfiger. 🙂

IMG_3465 kopio

IMG_3529 kopio

After wandering around for hours my bf and me decided to stay in local Starbucks and enjoy AC, Wi-Fi, lattes and cupcakes while others were walking uphill in extreme heat (it was 40 degrees Celsius = 104 Fahrenheit). There might have been some nice things to see but in that weather I’m rather in Starbucks. In there we planned some upcoming travels and looked for next destinations = time well spent!

IMG_3551 kopio

Around 5pm we headed back to our house to do some packing. In addition we wanted to go shop one more bottle of wine to bring back home. After doing those we had our second dinner in restaurant Popular. This time we took some exotic seafood pasta. It was interesting but also bit hard to eat (there was stuff like huge whole scrimps, pieces of lobster and fish heads).

We had desserts again in Java House Pastelaria café in Peniche. We took New York Cheesecake and white wine. They were really good but not earthshaking.

IMG_3547 kopio

Last sunset in Portugal. I’m sure we will go back some day. I loved the fact that service is friendly, prices are valuable, wine is local and weather is nice. Also Portugal turned into very important place for me because of the engagement of us. See you and thank you! 🙂

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