Day 7 in Portugal / An Another Lazy Day

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The seventh day in Portugal started with sleeping until noon. After that we spent some time on having a breakfast and doing some engagement party planning (or pinning photos in Pinterest but close enough). Material about our engagement party planning, budget and party itself is coming soon!

PortugalAirbnbHouse094 kopio

Otherwise we spent to seventh holiday day at the beach watching some of our friends surfing, chilling, listening to music and playing beach volley. We also had dinner in “secret restaurant”, Sol e Vida again. Last time we took fish but this time tried mixed grilled meat that was quite interesting, it was like 5 beef / pork steaks and a chicken breast without forgetting fries, salad, egg and rice that were always included in meals in Portugal. The dish was obviously enormous but also good, and cost only 8.8€. Some of our friends took double as expensive house steaks that were huge steaks with seafood. The dish size was similar so if you want to go on budget and are really hungry go with mixed grill.


After eating too much we just chilled at the house and I did some economic course stuff and pinned more photos in Pinterest. We didn’t do too much during this day but some days I we just wanted to chill instead of trying something crazy and new 24/7. I thought it would still be nice to share everyday of my holiday to help you plan your own one and on the other hand to show you guys that bloggers are human too!

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