Day 3 in Portugal / Exploring a Winery and Opidos

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The third day in Portugal was my favorite because of a visit to local winery and having a wine tasting there. Before going there we drove to Opidos Laguna to see a bit different part of Portugal. That area is all new and rich, it’s covered with golfing and horse riding places, new hotels and just built roads. Beautiful, but not as unique and cozy as Peniche area.

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The winery to which we went was Quinta do Sanguinhal in Bombarral, Portugal. Here are some things I learned and my tasting notes about their wines:


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New things I learned:

– There are 3 types of wine bottle corks: natural, pressed and screwed (combination of natural and pressed)

– What comes to growing the grapes, white skinned grow better in north side of hills, red skinned south (“white ones burn easier” makes this easier to remember)

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Tasting notes:


  1. White: Sôttal 2014, 3.5€

– grape varieties: Moscatel, Arinto, Vital

– color: clear, yellowish/ slightly greenish, pale

– aroma: citric (lemon), flower, muscatel grape (pineapple, passion fruit), acidic (sour)

– short finish

– pair with: light cheese, fruit, salad

– too acidic not too balanced




  1. White: Quinta das Cerejeiras Reserva D.O.C Óbidos 2012, 4.95€

– grape varieties: Chardonnay, Arinto, Vital

– clear, yellow

– aroma: cheese (buttery aroma!), oak (French oak barrels), more grounded

– taste: orange?, oak, butter

– buttery aroma stick in mouth

– pair with fresh things to cut through to butterness

– pair with: low fat fish and meat




  1. Rose: Cerejeiras Seleccionado Rosé 2014, 4.25€

– grape varieties: Castelão, Aragonez, Touriga Nacional

– clear, salmon pink, orangish

– aroma: raspberry, strawberry, hint of cherry at the end

– bitter, acidic, lime? (Actually because of it’s a dry rose) raspberry, strawberry

– long finish

– pair with: fat fish

– 14-16 celcius




  1. Red: Casabel Special Selection 2011, 4.95€

– grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Aragonez, Syrah

– Winifred in stainless steel no oak

– legs

– red, dark red, orangish corners

– aroma: no oak, leather, pepper/paprika, mushroom

– taste: acidic, black currant & wild berries, leather, pepper, fruity, a bit complex

– pair with: sardines, codfish, white




  1. Red: Sanguinhal – Cabernet Sauvignon / Syrah 2009, We bought this one, 15€

– grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah

– almost clear bit sediments,( legs)

– dark, more red corners (clear zone because of aging)

– aroma: ground, herbal, jam, salty

– taste: jam, full-bodied, plum marmalade, hint of black pepper, mid acidic, mid tannic, balanced

– strong and intense but fresh

– pair with: beef, red meat, dark chocolate

– 16-18 celcius




  1. Red: Quinta do Sanguinhal D.O.C Óbidos 1998: We bought this one, 30€

– grape varieties: Castelão, Touriga Miúda, Carignan

– color: clear edges, more copper color, (legs)

– aroma: orange, spices, cake (fruit cake, dry apricot), gingerbread cookie

– taste: sweet, not tannic, not acidic, a bit complex, soft, balanced

– pair with: meat




  1. Dessert: Quinta de S. Francisco Licoroso Doce: I wanted to buy this one but my bf didn’t want it 23€

– grape varieties: Castelão, Aragonez, Carignan

– color: clear, brown

– aroma & taste: sweet like port, raisins, sweet bread, cake in the oven, dried apricot / peach / raisin, cinnamon, almond, caramel, a bit acidic

– new vintage plendid with old one (1/3-1/2 always left inside the cask)

– pair with: dessert, strong cheese

– serve cold max 15-16 degrees (Otherwise you’ll taste only alcohol and sugar)




The winery tour was 21€ including tasting. In addition you might buy wines with prices shown above. There was also plenty of other vintages and different wines to buy. Note: all we tasted (except 1998) are available in grocery stores with a bit lower price. However it might be nice to support the winery instead of the store.


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After the winery tour we did a quick visit to Opidos city before driving back to our house that was located in Consolacão beach area. At there we had some snacks in beach restaurant Mar Azul and later dinner in so called “secret restaurant”, Sol e Vida. In there we tried grilled fish, black port and octobus. The black pork was really salty but everything else was tasty and delicious.

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