Day 1 in Portugal / City of Sintra, Moorish Castle and the Most West Point of Europe

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The beginning day of our trip to Portugal started quite early. We didn’t sleep at all because the flight left 4am – before that we had to back some last stuff and pick up two of our 6 travel buddies (and we actually also had to wake them up 3am haha). We were just in time at the airport to enter the plane for our 5 hours flight.

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There is two-hour time difference between Finland and Portugal at the summertime. Thus we landed just before 7am in local time and picked up two rental cars from Europcar. The cars were okay but their engines weren’t too good. If you choose to go with budget be prepared to non-accelerating Skoda that’s quite an experience when compared with driving culture of Portugal!

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After picking the cars we drove to Sintra, a beautiful city which has a lot to see in it’s area. We decided to walk around a bit and eat breakfast in Sintra. The breakfast place was called Café Saudade it had very good reviews so we wanted to try – and it was completely superb idea! The food was good, unique and local. In addition the service was very polite and English skills of personnel were good.

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Around noon we left the city center and started our journey to Moorish Castle in Sintra (Castelo dos Mouros) that’s a medieval castle located 420m (1,378 ft) above the sea. The castle was really beautiful and the views were stunning. I would say this one is a must see if you go to Portugal. Just remember to take some water with you, especially if it’s a hot day! There is also a little kiosk that sells refreshments nearby the castle – I think the coke I had after walking hours around the castle was the best coke I’ve ever had!

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From the castle we headed to the most west point of Europe, Cabo da Roca, which is beautiful but windy place in western Portugal. The views are stunning from there and you can also find some snacks and souvenirs from Cabo da Roca. This place is nice to see once but I wouldn’t spent time driving there again.

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At the late afternoon we left Cabo de Roca to drive to Consolacão beach area nearby Peniche. That was because we had rented a house for eight from Consolacão area. Before we get the keys we walked around a bit checked the beach, minimarkets and some other things in the area. After getting keys to the house we went to do some grocery shopping in Peniche. At the end of night we had some food in local pizzeria Praia Dos Sabores.

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