Week in London / Couple Tips to London

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Hello from London! 🙂

I was last week in London in work-related training. Mostly the days included training, food and socializing with international colleagues. I think that writing about the training wouldn’t be too interesting (and it would also be against my employer’s policies). I though want to share some nice things from London. 🙂 I will also do separate posts about the hotel and one day off in London we had with my friend before my trainings started.


London is beautiful and nice city if you want just wander around. There is a lot of different kind of buildings and well-known sights to see. I was lately in London to see stuff like musicals, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace (See all my London related posts with tag London). Thus this time we mostly walked around different areas and Oxford Street where I hadn’t been before.


In London there are some stuff you cannot find in some other countries. For example they sell Coco Noir Channel perfume that’s not sold in the US and travel sized cosmetics that’s sometimes hard to find in Finland. In photo above you can see my shoppings from Boots.


Sometimes it’s also just nice to pick up a bottle of champagne and enjoy it in the hotel room with good company. Alcohol in UK is slightly cheaper than in Finland because of the taxes.


+ While traveling from Heatrow the Priority lounges are nice way to spend some time and enjoy everyday luxuries! Last time we were in Terminal 5 lounge that’s really big and nice and located in two floors. This time we flew form Terminal 3 in which there is a bit smaller lounge but it’s still very nice and comfy and includes stuff like Wi-Fi, complimentary food and wine, beds and spa.



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