New Super Valuably-Priced Sunglasses

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What comes to sunglasses I collect high-ends, usually I buy 1-2 pairs of those per year. I have Pradas, Coaches, Dolce&Gabbanas, Ray Bans, and list goes on. However you don’t want to have piece of $400 Pradas on your face in every situation. For example if you go play beach volley or go to a party it might not always be the best idea to grap your expensive favorites with you. For that kind of situations I have lately ordered couple of different really valuably priced sunglasses from Ebay. On the video and photos below I’ll review the first ones that just arrived, yeah! 🙂



If you liked video above and want to see more, go to YouTube and give it big thumbs up and subscripe my channel (Dreamer Achiever / Nora Tarvus)! It’s little bit on progress but I’m making it cool soon! 🙂




For those of you who don’t want to watch videos you can enjoy the photos below. While doing that try to guess the price of them!







They cost only £1 that’s less than $1.5! 🙂

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