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Wonderful Nancy from Food Mingle Blog nominated me for One Lovely Blogger Award. Thanks Nancy! 🙂 This is second time I got nominated, you can read the previous post here.




  • Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  • Share seven interesting things about yourself.
  • Nominate at least 10 blogs of your choice (up to 15) for the award.
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Seven Facts:


  1. I have always dreamed of starting my own business

This has been my longtime dream since I was a small girl. I have actually been thinking of making my dream true soon but I’ll tell you more if I actually do it.


  1. I prefer tea to coffee

Even thought I love Starbucks skinny vanilla lattes I still choose tea over coffee in most situations. Actually I can’t stand black coffee – if I order a coffee it has to be some kind of latte or something better than just a coffee.


  1. I have decided to travel all the States of the USA

I have travelled X/Y now and I have decided to explore them all. I choose to have Europe theme 2016 and I guess some other year I’ll have Asia theme but honestly I do those areas mostly because I think they are must see at least once during your life. Then I will be done with those and go to country I actually love a lot, the US of A. There are many beautiful places and nice people everywhere but piece of my heart will always be in the US.


  1. I love driving

… And my favorite car at the moment is Ford Mustang 2015 it has super powerful engine that makes it accelerate very fast, it’s also comfortable, beautiful and fun at the same time. If I wouldn’t live in a country of super expensive gas I would definitely get my own Mustang. (Gas in Finland is around X/Y at the moment (e/l and dollars+gallons) – in us it’s … Atm)


  1. I love flowers but I cannot make them stay alive

I think I’ve bought 20 orchids during last couple weeks but none of them survived and now I have 10 fake orchids. The fact that my boyfriends dad is professional gardener makes this even more embarrassing.


  1. I own only 4 lipsticks

… And I’m saying one of my blog themes is style and beauty haha. But honestly, I don’t wear lipstick very often and I’ve got really good basic colors: light pink and raspberry colored ones from the Bodyshop, bright red from YSL and matte finished rococotte red from Christian Louboutin. At the moment I’ve no idea were my light pink one is but when I find it I could do a review of my favs if you’re interested?


  1. I own only 4 lipsticks… But well, at least 20 fragrances

I love shopping fragrances especially when I’m traveling and able to get real good prices with tax frees and everything. Maybe I’ll shop for makeups next because I think I have far more than enough fragrances. I have everything from Gucci’s and Armani’s to Victoria’s Secrets ones.



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