Busy Busy Week – A Little What’s Up Post

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I just realized that I’ve only done five posts this week. I honestly have had no time to do or think anything but try to survive my minute-by-minute schedules. At the same time I realized that I haven’t done too many lifestyle related posts lately. Thus I decided to share my this week with you guys and girls.




  • Morning: driving to Itis (the biggest shopping center in Finland) and shopping a dress for weekend’s wedding party
  • Noon: getting my nails done – red nails are back!
  • Afternoon: lunch with boyfriend
  • After lunch: accounting exam and finishing accounting exercises
  • Night: training and gym








  • Working from morning to afternoon
  • Afternoon dinner
  • Hairdresser that took 3 hours (but was totally worth it! Check the result out! ADD LINK!!! )
  • Watching a movie with boyfriend






  • Work related training day from morning to 5pm
  • Afterworks and dinner with some colleagues
  • Shopping an outfit for Thursday’s party
  • Grocery shopping




  • Blogging 3 hours
  • Getting ready for the night
  • Work-related meeting at the afternoon
  • Company’s 20s theme party








  • Sleeping until noon
  • Blogging a bit
  • Lunch with bf
  • Working until 8pm
  • Watching soccer’s Europe League with bf and his friends and cooking




  • Getting ready for the day
  • Being a wedding guest in friends wedding from noon to midnight






  • Visiting Tampere (a city in Finland) and having fun in Nokia Eden Waterpark for couple hours
  • Meeting my mom in Tampere and sharing a huuuuge pizza (seriously, can you imagine a pizza which diameter is around 65cm (25 inches) and which includes kebab, tuna, chicken, pineapple, pepper, chili and rucola?). If you want to have great pizzas with really valuable price you should try Castello – Pizza, burger and kebab restaurant if you visit Tampere!







So as you might guess it has been quite difficult to find time to blog this week. I’m clad that I’ve amazing people around me and an awesome job and interesting studies. However I’m happy that I’ll have a lot more time to do my blog and comment others during next week! 🙂


Would you like to read more often about my life?

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