Fresh Blueberry Cake for Summer

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Today is time for something fresh and delicious! This year I made this cake for Mother’s Day but I’d say it’s a perfect summer cake in general. I love healthy eating and enjoying good food. This belongs more likely to the second of those categories but this isn’t actually that unhealthy! The cake includes some whole wheat cookies, fresh berries and low fat yoghurts. 😉 Well, okay it might not be the healthiest thing in world but it’s super delicious for sure!




400g (12 oz) Digestive cookies or any oat cookies

150g (4.5 oz) butter


200g (6 oz) blueberries


2.5dl (1 cup) cream

500g (15 oz) thick skim milk yoghurt (quark)

2dl (3/4 cup) vanilla yogurt

1 tablespoon vanilla sugar

(1dl (1/2 cup) sugar if you want it more sweet)

9 gelatin leaves

1dl (1/2 cup) berry juice


200g (6 oz) blueberries

5dl (2 cups) berry juice

5 gelatin leaves





  1. Crumble the cookies
  2. Melt the butter in a pan and mix it well with the cookie crumble. Press the mixture onto the base of oiled 26cm (13”) tin. Chill for at least 2 hours in a fridge.
  3. Put blueberries in the tin on top of the base


  1. Mix yoghurts and vanilla sugar (and sugar)
  2. Whip the cream
  3. Mix yoghurt mix with whip
  4. Soak gelatin leaves in cool water for 5 minutes.
  5. Heat the juice in a pan
  6. Squeeze the excess moisture from the leaves, and add them to juice, stir until melted
  7. Mix the gelatin + juice combo into yoghurt mix
  8. Pour onto the biscuit base and chill until set (at least couple hours)


  1. Add blueberries onto the cake
  2. Soak gelatin leaves, heat the juice, squeeze the leaves, stir until melted
  3. Let the juice cool a bit so that it won’t melt your yoghurt layer
  4. Pour onto blueberries to make nice shiny juice layer
  5. Let the cake set in fridge for hour or two


  1. Carefully remove the thin, slide onto a plate and enjoy!


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