Upcoming Stuff: Smoothie Bowl Theme

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During Spring I have started every week with healthy and tasty smoothie recipe. They were delicious, fun to make and a great success in all matters. However I’ll try something new and trendy for summertime – smoothie bowls! Smoothie bowls are a big hit in many international lifestyle blogs and once I tried I fell totally in love.


The basic idea of the bowl is being yummy, healthy and fresh like smoothies. In addition it’s eatable so you can enjoy it at your balcony or back yard. The texture is of course a bit thicker so that you can eat it with a spoon. This eating thing makes it possible to add some super tasty toppings like fresh berries, fruits, cereal, nuts, etc. on the bowl.


Because these are kind of healthy icecream substitutes for me I decided to make them my summer theme, and post one recipe every Monday. So the bowls will replace regular smoothies but I bet they are at least as delicious, easy to made and beautiful as my smoothies have been!




The photos of this post are little sneak peaks of upcoming smoothie bowls. The first recipe will be published on next Monday, stay tuned!


XOXO Nora ❤

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