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This giveaway is worldwide, completely free to participate and filled with amazingly gorgeous beauty products by NYX! Next I’ll tell you a bit about the NYX brand and the products I’ll giveaway. Finally I’ll tell you how to participate!


NYX is a well-know cosmetics brand from Los Angeles, USA. They are know about amazing pigments and very high-quality products, especially compared to their price they are just superb. I’ve been fan of NYX for years and today I’ll begin a giveaway in which I’ll share some NYX makeup with you beauties! I hope you love them as much as I do!



I was actually going to take Urban Decay’s Beached Bronzer to this giveaway (and as my everyday bronzer) first but the store in which I was shopping was sold out. Then I realised that they nowadays sell NYX even here in Finland and my summer and this giveaway were saved! The tone of this bronzer is B03 that’s great for tanned, otherwise pale girls like myself – or for less tanned girls with more brown skin tone. So it’s something nice for everyone! 🙂



This one is gorgeous and easy to take with everyday makeup palette. When it’s summer you want to look naturally beautiful and flawless and this, yep, this is all you need for that! It has white + different kind of browns, there is some matte and some more shiny ones. And, if you need to go out, you can always add some of the darkest brown to make it more like a party look. I haven’t actually tried mine on actual makeup yet, but I check others reviews and I’m quite sure this one is as amazing as the bronzer, and other NYX eyeshadows I’ve tried earlier.


– Leave a comment to this post which includes:
1. Have you tried NYX? Which is your favorite product from them if yes?
2. Your email address (write this to actual comment so that I can email you, in case of winning)

Good luck everyone, the last day to participate is 15th of June!


Ps. As I promised at the beginning of the year I’ll do a giveaway every month, so make sure you follow dreamerachiever.com so that you won’t miss any upcoming giveaways!

Pps. Don’t worry about the photos of open products in photos, I have bought these both for myself too, the giveaway pieces are of course unopened!

XOXO Nora ❤


    1. Joo, saa osallistua parhaaksi katsomallaan kielellä (tosin kaikki suomen, enkun ja ruotsin ulkopuolelta on vähän haasteellisia 😀 )! Onnea arvontaan, nää on kyllä ihan huippuja tuotteita, eli kannattaa ottaa testiin anyway! 🙂


  1. I love their lipglosses. My favorite (and has since been discontinued was a lipgloss that had a lipliner attached to it. The color was gorgeous and I miss it so much!
    crystalrsell at gmail dot com

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  2. I have never tried nyx, but I have been reading all about it ! 🙂 in stores I have watched exactly that eye shadow palette, but haven’t bought it yet. 😀

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