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In today’s post I’ll concentrate on happiness because wonderful Lindsay for Letters to Dutch nominated me in her happiness tag. So today, I’ll share some things that make me happy. I hope you enjoy!


Before I start with the list I want to mention that happiness is about having great people around and having things at least okay in your life – however happiness is more about your attitude. Positive attitude can make a big change. As you might know I believe that “ If You Can Dream It, You Can Achieve It” for me that’s also true for happiness.


I’ve been working on happiness for years…

  1. First step in that process is doing a journey into your mind to figure out what you want and enjoy. What you value and why?
  2. Then dream about things that could make you happier. Is it more time for your garden or blogging? Or is it a family or exploring the world? Do you enjoy freedom, luxury, rich social life or something else?
  3. When you know what you want you can list the things that make you happy today and how your life could be even more joyful in future!



TOP 7 things that make me happy right now:





  1. Amazing People Around Me (Especially My Wonderful Boyfriend)


I am very happy that I have such amazing friends, family and boyfriend. They always give me good laughs, new experiences and surprises. I am very social person and I love having people around me. For me shared happiness is always better than hidden happiness. I love spreading positive energy and happiness via this blog but also in everyday life I’m known as the energetic and positive one. I love seeing my love ones happy!





  1. Exercising, Healthy Eating and Wellness


Living in a healthy way makes me feel good and happy. Even thought candies might taste better than a green smoothie (add link!!!) the feeling you have after green smoothie beats the ill feeling after candies 10-0. Same thing with exercise – it might be easier to stay in couch but after one hour of exercise you’ll feel more energetic, healthy and happy than after a day spent on couch. It’s easier to be happy when you’re healthy and feeling good. 🙂





  1. Social Media and Creativity it Offers (Blogging, Instagram, photographing, writing)


I have always loved photographing and writing. When I was younger I thought that I’d become a journalist or a photographer but when I was in high school I realized how much competition and unemployment is there in the market of creative jobs. After realizing that, I decided that I’ll do something else for living but I still loved those things so I ended up blogging.

During years 2008-2013 I had a cooking and baking blog in Finnish but I wanted to write about broader topics and share photos that are not only related to food. So I began and it gives me a lot of joy! Another social media that I love is Instagram, in there I can share my best photos, I can also spend hours liking and commenting others amazing shots there. If you like food, beauty and travel related Ig:s check me out @dreamerachievernora , if you haven’t already! And if you have or know an Ig account that could give positive vibes to my readers or me, feel free to comment that to this posts comment box!



  1. Work I Love


Because I spend quite a lot of time at work I’m clad it’s something I love. I’m happy that I’ve had many really good employers and coworkers with whom it has been a joy to spend my days. At the moment I’m working with very interesting products and awesome people, and nearby my home about which I’m also happy.





  1. Interesting Things To Study


I’m a person who loves to learn new things everyday. Even thought everyone who studies sometimes tells that (s)he hates it, it’s still always fun to learn something new. At the moment I’m having an year of my med studies and I study some business from home and it has been really nice to learn things I can use in my everyday work. In general I find business studies very useful irrespective of the area of work. It makes me happy to feel I’m increasing my knowledge and heading to new possibilities everyday!





  1. Possibilities to Explore the World


I feel very lucky because of all the travels I’ve been able to do lately and which I will do future. Seeing new cultures and new places is always fascinating and eye-opening experience that helps me understand the world and my culture even better, it have also helped me to respect good things in my life and change some not so good things to better ones. I have fallen in love with American friendliness, Parisian food and the nature of Madeira. Those are small things that make me happy.





  1. Beautiful Home in a Safe Neighborhood


I have lived in quite many different places during last couple years and having a nice apartment in a nice area haven’t always been an obvious thing for me – especially when I was a student (I moved from home when I was 16 so money mattered quite a lot when choosing apartments earlier). Now I can be clad and tell you guys that I love my, or our, home in new, safe, and very beautiful neighborhood nearby sea and all necessities. Because I work part-time and spend quite a lot of time at home studying and blogging it’s quite a blessing to have home I love. 🙂



And finally, I want to nominate some amazing bloggers to share happiness. I cannot wait to hear things that make you happy!


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  5. Fashion and Japan
  6. Mommyteacherfashionista
  7. Emily Rose




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