Christian Louboutin 215M Rococotte Lipstick on Review

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I bought this gorgeous Louboutin 215M Rococotte lipstick from NYC last November from Sephora of 5th Avenue (this was the last piece there and SAKS 5th Ave was sold out!) I was looking for something beautiful for daytime, something red but not too bright, something that lasts long and is matte finished. I found this.



Is there something better than perfectly beautiful? I love how finished even the packing is. Beautiful signed black box with some gold and classic Louboutin red inside. On that red interior lays golden a lipstick with golden container, the cap is designed to look like a golden diamond. The package also includes a dust back.


This lipstick is very easy and nice to apply. It’s soft but not too soft, it applies easily. It’s hard to be messy with this, too nice and easy for failure!


Choosing the color was a long and difficult process. Louboutin has super gorgeous reds but I wanted a daytime lipstick that should be to bright or shiny. First the salespersons in SAKS show me some nudes but I wasn’t looking for nude but red that’s not sexy for everyday use. Finally we found this perfect matt finished Rococotte red. It matches my skin tone and face and it’s perfect for my purpose! I’m totally in love. 🙂

During the day, does it last?

Yep! Lasts better than other lipsticks! For this review I wore this for entire day, at first for 5 hours at work, then I had smoothie (with a straw) and gave couple kisses to my bf, after that I went to movies and had a coke and popcorn. After that we went eat out (pizza + water, no straw). The lipstick did great with everything except pizza and water. However non of my lipstick has been pizzaproof so that’s okay. I’m happy that this one didn’t leek or be messy at any point. Because of pizza it just became lighter and more matte but it didn’t look extremely bad though.

Overall (price vs quality and experience)

As you might know Louboutin lipsticks are on the highest end of all high end lipsticks. They are around 100$ each. However they are worth of money I think. They last all day, applying them is pure joy and the package finishes the luxurious experience. They are bit bigger than regular lipsticks but please forgive them because everything else gives you a big wow – even after using other high ends!


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