The Truth of Time Spent in Luxurious Hotels

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People spending time in luxurious places such as 5 star hotels, Michelin restaurants, lounges, etc. might considered boring and serious. Is it so? See what I actually do in those luxurious places sometimes.

Well, let me tell you something… Yes in public you have wear clothes suitable to the dress code and act politely and nice. You can though have great time and meet interesting people. It one reason why to go to those places, people. I like people who can act nicely and look good but are still interesting – they have multiple different experiences and careers, just like anyone else of us. It’s however good to have both sides – the serious, casual one and the fun one. 🙂

But when your not in public situation, you can sometimes just do this…




Me having own fun in a hotel room in London haha. Well, the bed would become messy anyway if you sleep so why not to do a small fun moment by jumping into it? 😀

Have a great and fun weekend everyone!

XOXO Nora ❤


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