Pairing Food and Wine / Wine Theme Post 7/8

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  1. First things first: pairing is all about a perfect balance between flavors and components of food and wine. One shouldn’t dominate another but make perfect combo that’s better together than either of them alone.
  1. Second thing is: forgot reds with meat and whites with fish rule and think flavors instead! And not only think the main ingredient like steak or chicken, rather think to ingredient that gives most flavor to your dish. Even if there is the same steak it’s a whole different thing to serve it with creamy pepper sauce or with earthy mushrooms and vegetables. Pair the wine with the dish as whole not only with the main ingredient. There are some great examples of this in next video:




Some Basic Rules:


  1. Acidic wines go great with acidic foods, like fish with lemon or fresh salad with some acidic sauce.


  1. Tannins (wines that dry your mouth) will perfectly balance high fat levels of food. Try something like a steak with cream sauce or fatty strong tasting cheese with tannic wines.


  1. Sweetness of the wine is perfect with ethnic and spicy food such as Indian curry or spicy Mexican food. Sweet wines also be used as a desserts itself.


  1. Fruity wines are good with fresh, light tasting foods. Try them for example with chicken salad.


And one more video I found interesting! This one is about basic rules of pairing, something similar to mine and some extras. 🙂



  1. Wow I had no idea. I always love sangria, thats the only thing that comes to my mind right away when I think of pairing wine and fruit haha! Great article!


  2. When I was working in hospitality in a restaurant, I learnt a lot of wines and what wines worked with what flavours. However, that was a few years ago and I forgot a lot of it so this post was a perfect reminder


    1. Some wines do work well without any food paired with them. 🙂 Maybe you should sometimes try pairing? Especially when you like red wine. The enzymes of it help your body to process the food! 🙂


    1. You’ll learn by trying, tasting and maybe reading a bit. Train your palate and ask for others why they pair things as they do. You can also find some basic tips from the wine category of this blog. 🙂


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