How Does the Serving Temperature Affect Wine? / Wine Theme Post 6/8

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Have you ever mentioned that same wine might taste completely different when served in different temperatures? If you forgot to refrigerate it the smell is more prominent but it doesn’t taste correct – or on the other hand if it’s too cold it’s bitter and tasteless. What is the optimal temperature for serving wine then?

I let these two videos to tell you the answer!

This first video is short and funny kick starter in which one of the WineFolly team members tries same wine in different temperatures and describes the differences.

This video from Whitney Adams is more detailed and gives you some tricks and tips for storing and serving wine.

In general I have sparkling and white in fridge. I serve sparkling in fridge temperature and take them whites away from it around 30 minutes before serving. I storage red wines in room temperature but cool them in fridge for around 30 minutes before serving.

I hope you found something new and useful! 🙂

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