Beginning of the May in Photos

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Beginning of this month has included shopping, ending my old job and beginning a new one, getting familiar with walkways around Espoo, hanging out with friends, etc. In this post I’ll show you some of my favorite moments of the first half of May! 🙂


When boyfriend is gone girls go to Ikea to find some decor ideas and to get some small things to home. I bought small tables to living room, some flowers, cutting board and new decorative pillows.

New eyelash extensions with some glitter. These are pure love! Very thing black D-curled volume lashes combined with couple ones with silver glitter are so me.


There was Angry Bird visiting my work – if you took a photo with it you got some fruit candies, yummy! 🙂


We bought around entire consumer electronics store with my bf haha. We never go there together but if we do this happens. Well, now we don’t have to shop any this kind of stuff for a while. We got new wok pan, vacuum cleaner (it’s just ordered and we’ll get it in couple weeks), tripod, shaver for him, memory sticks, phone screen protectors, etc…


Walking around coaches of Espoo has been really nice! Especially around time of sunset Matinkylä and Haukilahti areas are really beautiful. My roommate from last summer moved to my neighbor so we’ve been wandering around together lately.


I was sad that the lovelock bridge in Paris does no longer exist. But I don’t have to be sad anymore because there is lovelock bridge in Haukilahti. We should definitely buy a lock!

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