The Best Beauty Hack Videos (Makeup, hair, brows and more)

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In this post I’ll share my favorite beauty hack videos from different YouTube users with you. Beauty hacks are cool tips and tricks that make your everyday life easier and you more beautiful. The idea of them is to get the best performance from all your beauty products and also to save your time, money and patience.

These hacks cover everything you need to know to be hot and beautiful everyday! I hope you guys enjoy watching.

General beauty hacks:

20 great hacks by Roxxsaurus. This video is concentrating on everyday beauty and natural looks. Covers everything from how to make your lipstick last longer to how to make your own dry shampoo and keep your brushes beautiful. Includes plenty of things every girl should know!

And lastly more general tips from Tess Christine. Are you looking for some extra volume to your hair, flawless facial makeup in general or perfect curls? If your answer is yes for at least one of these I recommend you using 9 minutes of your life to this video full of beauty and positive energy!

Hair hacks:

General hair hacks and plenty of beautiful buns by gorgeous Fancy Hair. Have you ever wondered how to save time but still have your hair look gorgeous, clean and done everyday? If you’re busy at mornings (or just lazy) this video can save you.

Eyebrow hacks:

Perfect brows by stunning Alexis Kaymore. Flawless natural brows are very in right now. But how to do them right? This question has been in my mind for months, however when I found this video I finally got my brows look better and more flawless than ever. Thanks Alexis! 🙂 You should definitely check this one out if you’re not master of eyebrows yet!

Eyeshadow hacks:

Great tips for applying the eyeshadow. This video is super funny and points out some general mistakes made while applying makeup. Fun but serious stuff. If you want look flawless this summer check this out and learn!

Teeth Whitening:

Yep, this one is sponsored but it seems working though. I’d love to give a try to this teeth whitening recommended by Danielle Mansutti

I found plenty of new information when watching these so I thought you could find them helpful too. Which video is your favorite? Did you learn something new?

Ps. I have started my own YouTube channel (here!) with my first couple videos, I’d appreciate if you could check it out too and give me some feedback and wishes if you have any! 🙂


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