Arctic Meets Exotic Super Foods Smoothie

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The fresh start for this week is Arctic Meets Exotic Super Foods Smoothie. It’s super healthy and delicious combination of arctic berries and exotic super foods – cocoa nibs, coconut chips and rice protein. If you like not-too-sweet smoothies this one will be your favorite. If you instead prefer sweet ones I recommend adding a banana or changing cranberries to strawberries.



Arctic Meets Exotic Super Foods Smoothie

2 portions

1dl (3 oz) cranberries
1.5dl (5 oz) blueberries
2dl (6 oz) raspberries
2 tablespoons cocoa nibs
2 tablespoons dry coconut chips
2 tablespoons rice protein
5dl (17 oz) milk

Put all the ingredients in a mixer, mix then and enjoy your healthy smoothie! <3




Have a great, healthy week! <3



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