Pear Strawberry Super Milkshake

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The fresh start for this week is Pear Strawberry Super Milkshake. It’s healthy and easy to make for a breakfast or a snack. This time it’s milkshake instead of smoothie because I wanted to try something new. What you think should my fresh start for the week series include only smoothies or any healthy drinks / foods?



Pear Strawberry Super Milkshake

2 portions

1 pear
2.5dl (1 cup) frozen strawberries
2 table spoons cocoa nibs
2.5dl (1 cup) vanilla yoghurt (low fat)
6.5dl (3 cups) skim milk

Put all the ingredients in a mixer, mix then and enjoy your healthy milkshake! <3




Have a great, healthy week! <3


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