London Day 1

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I kind of failed my packing because I was doing so long hours at work. When I finally got home on day before our flight I had packed literally zero item (and I was too tired to begin straight away). It was around midnight when I began. I was ready around 3am. And the alarm was set to 5am, what a great beginning haha.

We flew from Helsinki Airport to Gatwick Airport in London. It took 2h 40 min flight (8.10 gmt+2 –> 8.50 gmt0). At Gatwick we hopped on a train (around 31£ each) that took us to Victoria where we changed to a subway to earl’s court station that was nearby our hotel.

Checking in to the hotel was a great experience. Service was excellent and they even gave us a room two hours before their official check in time. So we spend a moment enjoying wifi and doing some planning. The hotel we chose (Park City Hotel Kensington) has great location nearby everything in nice neighborhood. In addition service and the room were outstanding. I’m already missing the huge room, big windows, super comfy bed and own bath tub.


It was April Fool’s Day when we arrived



Around 1.30-2.30pm we went to Marriot’s restaurant Atrium, American style
– shirt steak + sweet potato fries + béarnaise
– lamb cutlets + sp fries + pepper sauce

– excellent atmosphere and service 4.5/5
– food 3.5/5
– total 4/5
– we came at the afternoon, an hour after opening so it might have made the service a bit better and personal than it would have been during rush hours
– lamb was delicious, so were the fries and pepper sauce (you should try that sauce!!)
– beef was a bit chewy but otherwise good (google how shirt stake should be like!!)
– lamb 3.5/5
– steak 3/5
– fries 5/5
– pepper sauce 5/5
– béarnaise sauce 2.5/5
– total meals 39£ (20 and 19), water 5, service 5.5 = 49.5£


Above: Restaurant Atrium

2.30-5pm chilling at the hotel

5-7pm subway to Piccadilly Circus, picking up musical tickets, and then we carried on to Mexican place called Chiquoita: Drinks and snack. This place was okay but not too special though.


7-11pm Les Miserables musical in Queens Theater in Westend. The show was really outstanding! Changing the scenes was smooth, singing and acting was excellent and in general everything was finished.




11-midnight shopping groceries, walking to hotel. It looked quite cool with all colourful lights there was at the nighttime.

12-1am snacks at hotel

1am- finally ready to relax and sleep!

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