Super Smoothie

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The fresh start for this week is Super Smoothie. It’s full of healthy and delicious ingredients. Ginger boosts your metabolism, carrots are full of carotenoids, apples, mangos and pineapples are filled with energising vitamin C and moreover pecans add not only great tasty but also some good unsaturated fats to this super drink. Have a healthy beginning to the week with this smoothie! ❤


Super Smoothie

2 portion

– 4dl (2cups) Carrot-orange-ginger juice
– 1/2 green oakleaf lettuce
– 1 green Apple
– 6.5dl (3cups) mango papaya pineapple frozen
– 1/2dl (1/4 cup) pecans

Put all the ingredients in a mixer, mix then and enjoy your healthy smoothie! ❤




Have a great, healthy week! ❤



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