Blog Anniversary Number Two!

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It’s amazing how is already turning two. To celebrate this special day I’ll share some statistics, most popular posts and goals with you. I already shared some goals on my New Years resolution post (LINK) but I’ll add some points in this one.


– average views/year: 2014: 1,058, 2015: 14,948, (2016 so far: 5,112). Total views so far: 41,682

– followers at the moment: WordPress 279, email 1,243, Facebook 953, Instagram 278

– posts per year: 2014: 40, 2015: 238, 2016 so far 67. Total posts so far: 342

– I created Facebook (link) for this blog at the beginning of 2016

– I joined Instagram (link) at the beginning of 2016

Most popular posts so far:

In Review: Quest Bars


Photography Portfolio

My Hair Story: From Dark Brunette to Gorgeous Blonde / Before & After Pics and Tips

Goals for the third year (29th March 2016 – 28th March 2017)

– keep blogging 3-5 times a week

– keep my Instagram active, 5-10 updates a week

– at least 10 collaborations with other blogger

– at least 10 sponsored posts / cooperations

– improve my categorization and tagging so that it will be easier to find my posts

– do a makeover to blog’s Facebook site and a plan how to update it

– do a monthly giveaway every month

– start doing some videos

– topics: 1. Wellness, 2. Beauty, 3. Fashion / outfits, 4. Lifestyle, 5. Photographing, 6. Travel + collabs / coops and giveaways related to these topics

– reach 2000 WordPress followers, 4000 email followers, 2000 Facebook followers and 1000 Instagram followers

… In a nutshell, this blog will still be about feeling good, looking good and having fun around the world 🙂

I hope you guys keep following, enjoying and leaving replies to my posts in the future too, I’m happy to have you all here! I wish I can offer you even better photos and more interesting post this year.

XOXO Nora ❤


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