Berry Coconut Smoothie

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The fresh start for this week is a Berry Coconut Smoothie. It’s smoothie full of vitamins and nutrients, additionally it’s very tasty because of all the fresh berries and coconut milk it includes. I wanted to try this when I had some coconut milk left from last week’s Pina Colada Smoothie – and I have to admit this is even better than it was. So I really recommend you guys to try this one out! 🙂



Berry Coconut Smoothie

2-3 portions

– 1 tablespoons protein powder
– 4dl milk
– 1dl (1/2cup) coconut milk
– 1/2dl (1/4cup) coconut chips (or flakes)
– 2dl frozen raspberries
– 3dl frozen strawberries
– 1dl frozen  blueberries


Put all the ingredients in a mixer, mix then and enjoy your healthy smoothie! ❤




Have a great, healthy week! ❤


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