New Blender for Smoothie Making – Wilfa 1200 on Review

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Our old mixer died (because of too many smoothies done with it I guess). So I had to buy a new one. I wanted something long lasting, easy to use and something that can break ice and all kind of smoothie ingredients even when they are frozen.

WilfaBlenderReview991 kopio

My friend recommended me brand Wilfa. They have plenty of different sized mixers, however there is something common for all of them:
– 5 years motor warranty
– brushed steel body with real glass jar
– very powerful motor
– ice crushing and smoothie programs plus a lot of options what comes to mixing speed

I did some research and realized Wilfas are quite huge in general so I ended up a small one (model 1200) that’s “only” 1.8 liters that’s 64 oz / 8 cups. Even though it’s small Wilfa it’s twice the size of my old blender.

WilfaBlenderReview995 kopio

The prices of different models of Wilfa vary from around 100 to 300 euros (about same in dollars). Mine is from the low end because the smaller the mixer is the lower the price is.

This one is very fast, it has motor full of power and I’m already even used to it’s huge size. I love the fact it makes smoothies fast and I can do thicker smoothies because this one blends almost everything. My Wilfa is a bit noisy especially when using the fastest mixing settings but it’s not uncomfortably noisy thought.

I would give this one 4.5 / 5 stars. And yes, if you need a new smoothie mixer for everyday use this is a good choice. However if you do smoothie per summer I’d go to buy something smaller and cheaper.

IMG_9010 kopio

The first smoothies made with my new Wilfa included frozen strawberries, raspberries, mangos and spinach + some cocoa nibs and milk. Check out how I made them from the video at the beginning of the post! 🙂

I hope you find this review helpful!


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