Hair Update – Combining Blonde and Brunette

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IMG_9255 kopio

After exactly twelve months of blonde life my colleagues ensured me I would look more professional as a brunette. Well, honestly I’m not quite sure but I wanted to give a change for something a bit different. I ended up having both blonde and brunette. The top part of my hair is very light platinum toned blonde but the bottom part is light chocolate brown, there is also some light brown tones between blonde and chocolate parts.

IMG_9246 kopio

IMG_9252 kopio

Even thought I loved my super blonde Marilyn kind of blonde hair, I have to admit this looks suits me quite well too.

Or what do you guys and girls think? Blonde, brunette or this kind of combination?

IMG_9249 kopio


    1. Yep, it might take couple more days but I am sure I will. 🙂 Finland is very nice and beautiful country where everyone speaks good English so it’s a good choice for travel.

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