Travel Booked: London + Paris, tips?

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I’ve booked flights and hotels to a travel with two destinations, London and Paris. I’ll travel with my boyfriend at April. And no I’m open to tips and suggestions!

We’ll be 3 days in London and we would like to see the city and culture (and maybe a bit of it’s nightlife). We’re at least going to West End to watch Les Miserables and check out some museums. Walking tour might also be an interesting way to explore the city, right?

What comes to Paris we want to enjoy culture, local food and explore the city in general. Eiffel is a must I guess but what else we should check out?

Please leave me tips, ideas and must dos or don’t if you have any! Thanks! 🙂


  1. Take a ride on the Grande Roue, at Place de la Concorde, late at night. It’s gorgeous, and there’s no line late. You might need a jacket! Afterward, stroll to the other end of the Tuileries to the Louvre and have champagne at Café Marly, on the square facing Renzo Piano’s pyramid. Wear sunglasses even at midnight, just like all the other patrons.

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  2. The photo is very beautiful! I also love taking photos of sunset when I’m on the plane! I haven’t been to London yet, but I can tell you about Paris. Go to Montmartre it’s such a nice place to come with someone dear. Also a cruise on Seine river is really nice and they have all kinds of prices. But most important is to have fun and enjoy no matter where you are or what you do!

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    1. Thanks for your kind words and great tips katherinekerblog! 🙂 Seine river cruise sounds nice, I will definitely check possibilities out! I’m sure we will enjoy. We have booked nice hotel nearby river seine and Eiffel Tower so I guess I can’t not to enjoy. 😉


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