Smoky Eyes, Videos and Upside Down Gifs

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Today it’s time for a classy makeup look: smoky eyes. This look is made with Sugarpill Cosmetics Eyeshadows Soot&Stars and Diamond Eyes from Cold Chemistry palette. In addition I’ve done my brows with a black brow pen.

This time instead of just photos you will see a collage, two videos and a gif. I’m trying to start using other kind of format in addition to photos. The photo collage above is made with app called layout which I’ve been using a lot. The videos are made with iMovie (above) and Instagram (below). Lastly there is a gif that’s made with an app called video to gif. That app is otherwise nice but sometimes works and sometimes not work. That’s kind of annoying! This time it made my photos upside down.


Do you guys know any good app for iPhone or a program for Mac that I could use to make nice gifs from photos?

Which formats you would like to see here in the future? Photos, collages, gifs, some kind of videos or something else?

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