50 Reasons Why I Love You

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After having a Valentine’s Day gift crisis I decided to write 50 reasons why I love my boyfriend. My first idea was to craft something but then I realized that crafted cute things always end up to trash. Thus I decided to this gift via this blog. They say what you put to Internet stays in the Web. I’m not sure if it’s completely so but I’m sure this will last here a bit longer than paper crafts would. 🙂 Feel free the copy or link the idea.


50 Reasons Why I Love You:



1. Your smile

2. Your openness to try new things

3. You understand me so easily

4. Your ambitions and passion to reach success

5. Sparkle in your eyes



6. All the travels together

7. Your outgoing personality

8. Your intelligence

9. Cuddling with you

10. You make me feel important



11. The surprises you do for me

12. Your voice

13. Your sense of humor

14. Warm hugs & kisses

15. Your ability to stay calm



16. Your hair

17. Your passion for life

18. You make me laugh and smile (even at the time of crisis)

19. When I dream of a perfect man with whom to spend the rest of my life I cannot think anyone else but you

20. You let me drive cool cars



21. You cook best berry smoothies and ham & potato casserole (kinkkukiusaus)

22. Your style

23. Interesting conversations with you

24. Your confidence

25. Fine dining & wine together



26. Your passion to your hobbies and interests

27. Your passion to explore the world, together

28. Your ability to talk things through

29. Your warm body + my cold toes = perfect snuggles

30. Staying up too long just to be able to spend more time together


31. Dancing with you

32. Your touch

33. Your wonderful family and friends

34. How just thinking you makes me feel safe

35. The way you kiss my neck


36. The way you cheer me up when I’m sad

37. The fact you tell me your feelings and honest thoughts

38. You’re always willing to be my outfit photographer even when busy

39. Dreaming together

40. With you I feel complete


41. I have learned to take better care of myself because of you

42. The way you can take my busy mind away from everything, and turn it back to that moment with you

43. Your height, I can wear as high heels as I wish and we always look great together

44. The way you treat other people

45. You watch Pingus, puppy photos and hedgehog videos with me when I’m sad or hurt


46. The fact you let me be me

47. How we like the same music (even my new country songs)

48. All the cute names you call me

49. Since the day you came into my life everything has been perfect

50. You make me feel luckiest and most loved girl in the world!


I would do anything to make you happy Hun!

Happy Valentines Day! ❤

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