Youth by Paolo Sorrentino

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I seldom do movie reviews or write about movies in general. However I want to tell you about this piece I watched during my holiday. It’s called Youth, and it’s directed by Paolo Sorrentino.

As the name tells the movie is about aging, about the meaning and changes during the aging process. That’s a process that everyone of use will face, a process that will change us irrespective of our will. It might affect your memory, your relationship or your career. It changes the priorities in life.

All that is told via stories of human lives, those stories are told separately but they create one greater story of humanity. They are stories of separate human beings but at the same time they all live, breath and talk the story together.

Paolo has made that movie in very interesting way – it’s a piece of modern art; it’s like a book with separate short stories that are tight together. You will however realized that only after seeing the movie, after thinking what it actually wants to say to you. While watching you’re not sure if the stories are separate or what is the reason why some people are included in them. After all, you will understand, but only if you really think. That’s fascinating. That’s why I love modern art – and this movie.


I’ll definitely watch more Paolo Sorrentino’s movies soon. Before that I want to recommend you to buy a ticket and go see Youth. Thanks.

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