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Sugarpill makes animal friendly high-pigmented makeup products such as eyeshadows. I ordered four of their palettes lately. Below are basic reviews and photos of the colors of them both in the package and on my skin. I’ll soon make you some makeup looks with these.

These four are my very first four Sugarpill products and I’m already a fan!  They are super pigmented with great colors. My only complain is that some of mine has too much shimmery shine but I think I just should have decided my eyeshadows more carefully. Shine is nice but it doesn’t look too good in photos.


1. Cold Chemistry
– Soot & Star
– Diamond Eyes
– Elemental Chaos
– Subterranean

This palette is dark and gothic. It has  shimmery basic colors, black and white and dark purple and green. I like the white a lot and of course you’ll always need black and white. All the eyeshadows have a lot of pigment, you will get very strong tones especially when applied with finger.


2. Sparkle Baby
– Kitten Parade
– Frostine
– CandyCrush
– Hotsy Totsy

This one is really cute and sparkly one with colors for lolita look or summer party. This one has least pigment of all these four. The darker pink (Hotsy Totsy) is not very shining but all the others are, they are the most shimmery ones of all my Sugarpills.


3. Burning Heart (from Addicted to Pretty collection)
– Burning Hear
– Buttercupcake
– Love+
– Poison Plum

This one has really deep matte tones. This might not be for neutral everyday looks but it’s perfect when you have to be noticed and want your make up to last all day long. Because these are mattes it work well in photos. Easy to apply, very nice and a bit soft texture.


4. Sweetheart (from Addicted to Pretty collection)
– Dollipop
– Afterparty
– Midori
– Tako

On palette the tones of Sweetheart look very strong and pigmented but I was a bit disappointed. The Dollipop pink is what it looks. However Afterparty and Midori are not as good, they are hard to apply and kind of ugly toned in my opinion. The matte white, Tako, looks like chalk on my skin. I wouldn’t use it daily but maybe it’s good for photos and face paintings.


Have you tried these palettes or make ups of Sugarpill in general? What do you think? Which one(s) is/are your favorite(s)?


    1. I’m clad you found my review helpful! I read about Sugarpill Cosmetics from another blogs and everybody told they are great so I had try. And I’m happy I did. Thanks for your nice comment and welcome back, I’ll soon make makeup looks with these.


      1. Great, I look forward to it! Also, I hope you share how they wear throughout the day too. I know for me I can love an eyeshadow but four hours in and it’s almost gone or creasing badly so I’m curious how these hold up.


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