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This week I shopped couple things to keep my new years resolutions – 1. Mac brushes to offer you makeup posts and to look better, 2. Solarium card to get tanned and 3. Lumene gentle makeup remover to keep my eyelash extensions irrespective of doing more eye makeups.

Mac brushes I bought:
– eyeshadow brush #239
– Blending brush #217
– Precise Eyeliner #210

Solarium card for 8 visits (One of my New Years resolutions was to get and stay tanned so this is how to do that before summer is here 🙂 )

Lumene gentle makeup remover (note: if you have eyelash extensions remember that makeup remover should not contain any oils!)

Have a great day guys! ❤


    1. Thanks for a nice comment danetigress! I have already tried 210 once, it’s nice and soft and it works very well with powder eyeshadow linings. The Mac salesperson told me it’s not the best if you use liquid liner. I will do looks and write more about these brushes soon!

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