Fresh Start for a Week / Smoothie Tips

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I will start a “Fresh Start for a Week” series from now on. I will publish a healthy, tasty and fast recipe for every Monday. At first I will share you some great smoothie recipes with motivational fresh photos for next couple weeks. Feel free to join me and enjoy healthy living! Today is time for smoothie tips in this post and later today I’ll post the first recipe that will be fresh pear-banana smoothie! Stay tuned!


What to Use in a Smoothie?

  1. Something fresh, tasty and full of fiber such as fresh fruits or berries
  2. Some liquid to make it smoother and easier to swallow, it can be milk, juice or even water
  3. Add some protein to make it healthier, you can use for example yoghurt, nuts or protein powder

+ If you want really cold smoothie add some ice

+ Add more flavors by adding some ginger, mint, etc

+ Make it look more delicious by adding some nuts, berries or fresh herbs (lemon balm, mint)

+ Using a straw will make it more fun to drink the smoothie

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