A New Sport Band for My Apple Watch

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Some shopping for myself between busy Christmas sales: new Apple 38mm Sport Band in Black color and stainless steel pin. 🙂 I would like to have brown Classic Buckle too but I’ll enjoy this a bit first so that I can have a joy of getting something new twice. 😉


This is made of fluoroelastomer that’s very comfortable and simply stylish for sports and everyday use. However I would love to have something more luxurious in addition. I choose the black color because it fits with all the different colors and it looks good with my gold-colored aluminium watch face.

Ps. When you buy a Sport Band you will get two size options for different wrist sizes!

Pps. I’ve been planning to do a longer review about the Apple Watch in general and what I like in it. Have you guys any wishes? About what you would like to read?

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