Paulig Frezza Coffee&Milk Products on Review

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All of reviewed Frezza product’s are 250ml packages. They are sold in most of the grocery stores in Finland with price about 2 euros per bottle (November 2015). They all are lactose free. What comes to packages I love their simple, good looking bottles and trendy brown tones of them. Additionally they are super easy to hold and open. For this review I did the tasting with my boyfriend.

100ml: 60kcal, 1.8g fat, 7.7g carbs=sugar, 3.1g protein, 25mg caffeine
Good basic latte with mild very milky taste. Smells a bit weird. If you’re looking not-too-strong coffee full of milk this is perfect choice for you!

100ml: 70kcal, 1.8g fat, 9.4g carbs=sugar, 3.1g protein, 25mg caffeine
Super sweet coffee with excellent texture. The chocolate taste was a bit artificial in my opinion. Anyhow this one was a good coffee for chocolate lover to enjoy. My second favorite of all Frezzas.

100ml: 60kcal, 1.7g fat, 7.8g carbs=sugar, 2.9g protein, 45mg caffeine
Super great coffee with good amount of caffeine – a perfect start for morning. Quite sweet but not too sweet. Smells like real coffee. In addition the texture is wonderful. … My bf wanted to steal this from me haha. This was top1 favorite for both of us. 🙂

100ml: 65kcal, 1.8g fat, 8.8g carbs=sugar, 3.1g protein, 25mg caffeine
My least favorite was this one. The taste was artificial and pretty sweet and milky. If you love vanilla you might like this.


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