Iittala Kivi Candle Holders for the Winter

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It’s almost the winter and I realized that we didn’t have any nice candle holders in our apartment. I love relaxing and warm light of candles, especially when it’s dark outdoors.


Iittala Kivi Candle Holders are great because you can use candles you like what comes to scent, color, etc. In addition these are Finnish classics designed by Heikki Orvola 1988. Thus they are pretty easy to sell if you don’t need them in some point.


At the end of October I found mine from Iittala Store Itis with good offer. I bought 2 seablues, 2 clear ones and 2 salmon pinks. Even thought I love them and I’m really happy with them I would love to have couple additional colors too (if you google Iittala Kivi Candle Holder you’ll find super beautiful photos where is multiple candle holders in all the different colors 😉 ).


Do you like candles? What kind of candles or candle holders you prefer?

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