Bus Tour, Fashion Windows, Ballet and Drinks in NYC

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On our third day in NYC we went to a bus tour to Upper Manhattan (Uptown Loop). That was great and interesting. However when you go to a guided tour the experience depends on the guide – if you have a great one the tour appears to be great and vice versa. There were nice views and interesting points about the history of the city. In addition the tour is hop on hop off that means you can hop on and off when you want.

IMG_4900 IMG_4939

After the tour we went to pick up tickets for a ballet that we had reserved for the same night. If you live abroad ballet tickets in New York City Ballet are always hold in the box office and you have to pick them up during the day of show. If you have American address the tickets can also be shipped.

IMG_4808 IMG_4891

After that we took a taxi to Macy’s from where we started a guided fashion windows tour that was free with NYC Pass. Regular price is 35 usd per adult. The tour included windows from Macy’s and 5th Avenue. It was really exiting to hear how they are made and what are the trends of the season. The tour also included some history and background of the area and fashion industry in general. Super exiting, I hardly recommend this tour if you’re even a bit interested in fashion or marketing in general!


After the tour we went to our hotel to change clothes to be ready for the ballet, Masters at Work, that was located in Lincoln Theatre. The theatre was big and really beautiful. We sat in the middle of the third ring that was really good because we were able to see to entire stage, also the acoustics worked well there.


We ordered some white wine for the first intermission before the show began. That was a great idea because during the intermission the line was horrible but in prior the show it wasn’t too long. The wine was quite cheap and good compared to general prices of Manhattan area.

The ballet itself was great – beautiful dancing, super talented dancers and hint of humour made it awesome. After the actual ballet there was some jazz dance performance that wasn’t good at all. Students in ONU dance better and the costumes were also really amateur. Okay dancing but it definitely shouldn’t been shown in that good theatre.

IMG_4806 IMG_4942 IMG_4941

After the ballet we went to a bar / restaurant called Ivy located in 8th Avenue. They have super good burgers and drinks there. I took a bacon burger and a mango margarita there. For some reason after that I realised that hey, I’ve never tried a martini (and I had no idea what it includes but I thought it has to be good and cool because James Bond drinks them)… Well, I got a vodka variation of it (also known as vodkatini). It was horrible and well, quite strong. After drinking it googled it and realised it’s just vodka and dry wermount. Never try that guys!

IMG_4860 IMG_4858 IMG_4880 IMG_4890

And some more windows I fell in love with. 🙂


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