Modern Art, Walking Around, Shopping and Eating Chinese in NYC

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Columbus Day made Manhattan a bit chaotic because of the parade located at closed fifth avenue. Nice parade, but it made moving around a bit harder.


Our second whole day in NYC was Columbus day so all the attractions and Midtown area were super packed so we decided to do just one tourist thing (MoMA, above) and then walk to SoHo and Chinatown that are usually less full of tourists. We also wanted to buy cheap high-quality suitcases so we went to T.J.Maxx after all other activities.


Museum of Modern Art, MoMA is a huge art museum located in midtown Manhattan. It has different art forms from photography to sculpture and paintings located in 6 floors. At the time of our visit they had everything from old classics such as Salvador Dali and Picasso to pretty new artists work. It was really interesting to see all those pieces of art – even thought couple hours is nothing but enough if you’re really into arts. I would love to go to MoMA again. 🙂

People made own piece of art too, photo from MoMA where visitors are going to the ticket desk. 🙂


Walk from MoMA to Chinatown was a bit longer than we assumed – two hours of walking was a great exercise haha. Maybe we should have taken a taxi (which are super cheap in Manhattan btw). On our way to Chinatown we had a quick view to shops in SoHo. In Chinatown we were so hungry that we just went into the first restaurant we saw. They had really good Kung Po Chicken with only $7.95 per person. Dishes were huge and the price included tea and water so not much at all. Every time in NYC I want to eat Chinatown at least once. That place is interesting and full of life and awesome authentic asian food.


After eating there we were super tired but we decided to walk an hour more to T.J.Maxx that’s great place for shopping if you want to shop in Manhattan with valuable prices. That’s basically a shop with outlet prices and that’s full of labeled clothes, accessories, shoes, suitcases, etc. Best place to find a suitcase and a carrier in my opinion. I’ve always bought suitcases with $50-100 – and for all those the actual price in regular stores would have been $150-500. Quite nice deals! This time I also found a super cute notebook from there – that’s shown in the photo above.


From T.J.Maxx we grapped a cap to our hotel. Less than $10 and we were back in Upper West Side. I think it was fine to take a taxi after walking around 15 miles (23 kilometres) a day?


  1. Thank You for this post. In 3 week to go before my NYC trip. I spent all week memorizing subway routes and how to go here and there and metro cards ect. Will be doing the NYC Chinatown in the morning and afternoon Chelsea and Eve. got a Comedy Show at UCB very cheap night out $10. Nov 12 2015. Have fun

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