Woodbury Common Premium Outlets Day

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Sunrise time in NYC – time to wake up to do some serious shopping. In the photo above you can see an amazing view above Central Park and Upper East Side, every morning I woke up with this view. 🙂


Woodbury Common Premium Outlets is one of the most popular outlets nearby New York City. It’s located in New Jersey and going there will take about 45 minutes by a car or a bus. However, it’s worth of time and money. We bought bus ticket online. The tickets were $37 per person and that includes drives there and back. It also includes voucher book with good sales (extra 10-20% off or 10-30$ off). The bus was well air conditioned and quite comfortable. It left from the station that’s located on 8th Ave & 42 St crossing. Runs from 8.30am 4th floor of the station. Runs until 9.30pm from in front of the outlet


Outlet itself was huge and especially Polo and Hilfiger had great sales going on. Note: this outlet is not a regular mall but an outlet village. So, it’s outdoors. That’s why we bought the tickets only a day in prior because then we were quite sure that the weather will be good or at least fine. I would prefer indoors malls during the winter time.


Even thought bus worked well I’d recommend going by a car – especially if you’re going to buy a lot. By taxi it would have been 300$ back and forward for two – so either use a bus or rent a car if you want to save a money.

Make sure you have entire day to use – to outlet is huge and there is plenty of great discount. Everything sold there is high quality and mostly premium or luxury. We went there on Columbus Day weekend thus there was a lot of people and lines so you need to have even more time to shop.


We took the first bus from Manhattan (left 8.30am and arrived around 9.20am). We shopped around 8 hours and used around an hour to eat in Applebee’s. We came back with a bus that left 6.15pm. There was a long line to busses at that time so make sure you’re waiting 10-30 minutes before scheduled time.

And for non-Americans, you don’t have to worry about being hungry! There was plenty of cafés and restaurants in the outlets. 🙂


Ps. There will be separate post about my shoppings soon, be prepared- it’s going to be a long one! 😀

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