From Miami to New York City

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During this US trip we didn’t only want to see tourists areas in Miami but also explore the life in NYC. I have been here couple times earlier and I was already missing this wonderful city. It’s great that nowadays I already have my favorite foods and places in the city. On the other hand there is still plenty more things let to explore.


Our flight left early at morning so we ate in Miami International Airport before it. We choose TGI Fridays and huge plates in there. Ribs, beef, mashed potatoes and tomato mozzarella salad. Huh. I didn’t quite made it but everything was good though.

The first thing we did was exploring the city in general. We walked around midtown and visited Macy’s (that wasn’t too good idea because it was super packed because of the Columbus Day weekend.


Koreatown was better idea – not too many tourists know about that wonderful area. We went there to enjoy Woorijip – a Korean restaurant where they have buffet kind of food all day long. You can take what you want as much as you want and you’ll pay it by pound.


In Korea Town we went to Korea’s most popular cafeteria called Caffe Bene. There I took mango bubble tea and my boyfriend took iced coffee. Bene is very cosy cafe that has two floors, Starbucks kind of concept (order first and pick your order from different desk), they also have wi-fi.


And because it’s NYC we had to get some pizza. Unfortunately we weren’t up to walking around too long so we ended up to super expensive pizzeria at 8th Ave – too near to the Times Square. 13 dollars for 2 slices and a soda, seriously? In NYC pizza slices in general cost 1-3 dollars depending on the amount of toppings.


Ps. There will be more posts about NYC coming soon! I had a lot of things to do and too few time to write. However I’m now back in Finland and back in business what comes to blogging so stay tuned, see you soon! 🙂


  1. Staying at the Chelsea International Hostel next month i arrive on a Wednesday that is the same day the Hostel hosts a free Pizza Night. Great Post Nora.


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