Last Day in Miami Beach

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IMG_4424Breakfast in Mayas like yesterday, their jumbo breakfast is just too great for a brunch. It includes a bit everything. Tip: do not order bottle water! It’s $7+taxes and service, ask for tap water instead – it’s free and completely drinkable.


Starbucks in beach look, what a great idea! 🙂


White wine in the hotel room because it was raining outside. It was great to have some time to plan travels to NYC and just chill.


Beach time!


Sunset of the day ❤


Subway dinner, new Korean Bbq Pulled pork was amazing – both as a salad and sandwich. Btw why aren’t the salads chopped in Finland? So much better that way!


Slurpee from 7eleven. I just had to buy one to get a photo with head-sized cup but yuk, what a feeling I had after that. I definitely do not recommend trying!


Exploring Miami Beach at night, plenty of clubs but wasn’t too nice. I would rather party in some other city. Maybe in NYC next week? 😀 In couple hours I’ll be in New York City, stay tuned for photos and recommendations – and read about my previous NYC travels from category New York here in my blog! 🙂


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