Just Chilling in Miami Beach Area

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Yesterday morning we slept long, returned Camaro to Avis and decided to spend a day without too much schedules. At first we wanted to have a breakfast and explore new areas of Miami Beach. We went to Lincoln Road and ate breakfast in a restaurant called Maya. We took Jumbo breakfast combinations that were a bit over $10 with tax. They included toast, potatoes, eggs, sausages and fruit salad. Yummy!


We spent some hours to explore Lincoln Road that’s known as a shopping street. There was plenty of stores of premium brands I like such as Kors, Apple, and Sunglass Hut, in addition there was plenty of restaurants, bars and cafes. Anyhow it’s tourist area so the prices were 20-40% higher than they should so we didn’t buy anything except food and cafe.


After exploring Lincoln Road we went to our hotel to enjoy rooftop pool and the sun. I almost have a tan, yeah! Only one day left in Miami Beach but I hope that I’ll be nicely tanned when we fly to NYC this weekend.


On our way back to hotel we explored Miami Beach botanical garden. Beautiful and relaxing place – especially when it’s super hot in the middle of the day it’s nice to enjoy shadows of the trees.

IMG_4417 IMG_4414

Because we ate breakfast so late we skipped lunch. For dinner we went back to Lincoln Road and ate some meat, potatoes and veggies in restaurant called Aura. The foods were about $25 each.


For dessert my boyfriend took Starbucks coffee and I found my way to Früz Ü frozen yogurt store. As always it was superb! I took (too much) = 12oz of froyo. I took chocolate, strawberry, coconut and green apple tasting froyos with Oreo pieces, honey oat cereals, strawberries and gummy bears. They all were good but price of $8.5 was more than those places usually cost.


Greetings from the rooftop pool! 🙂


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