Road trip to Key West & Enjoying American Cars and the Sun

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We began our Wednesday in Miami by eating a breakfast out around 9am. We had booked a car for one day from that day. Only thing we knew about it was that it’s going to be convertible – Ford Mustang or similar. And that the rent for a day with unlimited mileage was a bit over one hundred dollars.


When we went to Avis Miami Beach we waited a while to get a car. At first we were not told what the situation actually was – they were horribly overbooked with the car type we wanted. At first they offered us just a regular non-convertible Mustang with same money. But come on, if you’re in Florida and you’ve paid for a convertible that’s what you should get. So, we didn’t accept the offer. Their next offer was 500 horsepower Corvette with extra $150.


After 50 minutes of waiting and plenty of calls they found us a solution – we took the regular Mustang for the beginning, then we drove to Key West Avis and got Chevy Camaro convertible from there. Additionally as a compensation of their mistake we didn’t have to pay gas for either of the cars. It was cool to drive too different American sports cars in a day. I have always loved Chevys but I have to admit that Mustang is super nice to drive. 🙂 … And these two made even my European car fan boyfriend to admit American cars are nice and good-looking, hah!


Drive time to Key West was about three hours and the views where just stunning. The road is in pretty good condition all the way from Miami Beach to Key West and it’s a joy to drive as long as the sun haven’t set. I recommend you staying over a night or two if you drive that long. Key West is full of beautiful neighborhoods, beaches and walkways.


At Key West we had a snack break at a beach. The weather was about 90 degrees and super sunny. 🙂


On our way back we stopped to watch a sunset. 🙂



I usually don’t use tourist shirts but I had to buy couple short Miami Beach shirts haha


Ps. Did you know that Key West is the Southeast part of the USA? One more reason to go there! 😉


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