Day 2: Exploring Miami Beach, FL, USA

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I started my day by blogging for an hour. After that we went for a breakfast to a mexican restaurant called Outnix. That restaurant had great service, delicious dishes and superb view. I definitely recommend their omelettes (and the salad my bf took was also delicious).

IMG_4038 IMG_4018
Walking around Miami Beach and enjoying warm weather was a good way to explore the area. 🙂


We visited some tourist shop, Starbucks, T.J. Maxx, Grocery store. Oh, I’ve been missing my skinny vanilla latte’s ❤ Here I prefer it cold even thought I think it’s more delicious hot.

IMG_4077 IMG_4110 IMG_4078 IMG_4086
The rooftop of our hotel was a great way to enjoy the heat and get some tan. If I’d live in a place like this I’d definitely want a rooftop pool to my house.



At the lunch time we just bought some snacks so we wanted to eat something out for a dinner. We decided to go Five Guys – the best burger chain in the US. I’ve eaten five guys couple times earlier and it’s just super. Delicious fries and burgers with twist of homemade food. I also love that you can choose everything that you want in your burger. I took bacon burger with lettuce, tomato, bbq sauce and grilled mushrooms.

Walking to west coast of Miami Beach at night was also nice – I fell in love with the view to downtown. Unfortunately I didn’t get a good photo of that – so, you have to explore it! However I got photo above – at just about the time of sunset, perfect, isn’t it? 🙂


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