Review: Cakes from Deliciest Oy

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I got some products from Deliciest Oy for a review. Earlier I reviewed their drinkable yoghurts and shakes (click HERE find the previous post). This time is time for cakes to donated to me. We tried Brownie Cake and New York Cheesecake with my good friend / colleague and my bf. Those cake are fresh, non frozen ones. The last one reviewed – Mango Fitcake is sold frozen. That one we reviewed with my bf.

Find out more about Deliciest Oy from their website (click HERE)

  1. Brownie Cake

IMG_3397 IMG_3443

Real brownie taste, full of chocolate, a bit salty – perfect! Also the texture is great, moist and thick. The cake also looks delicious. Has to be cut with a knife because of it’s thickness.

Easy to lift away from its box, easy to move to a plate – looks home made and luxurious that way! 🙂

Ps. Even my bf who never eats cakes liked this one!

5/5 ❤

2. New York Cheesecake



Beautiful. Not very sweet, mild taste – for people who want cakes to be fresh and mild instead of super sweet. Super good when served with blueberries or strawberries – other berries could work also.

Easy to lift away from its box, easy to move to a plate – looks home made and luxurious that way! 🙂

3. Mango Fitcake
Per piece (75g): 70kcal, 3g fat, 7g carbs (3g sugar), 5g protein

IMG_3588 IMG_3589

Tastes healthy. Base (pohja) is a bit dry. Good nutritional values (especially) for a cake. However this cannot replace real cake because of both, the texture and the taste. Nice snack while dieting but not a party cake like two others I tried.




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