Quote Challenge Day 3 / 3

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I found this quote from a fortune cookie in a Chinese restaurant while I was living in the States. Both my stay in the U.S. and this quote have had a great impact in my life. I started thinking what I really want from my life – not what my mom or dad wants, not what my teachers have recommended but where and how would I really be happy.

As you might know many things have changed in my life since I left to the States for the very first time. I quit my studies at least for a while, I moved to different city, I leave with a different person with whom I’m really happy with, I have more responsible work with people and products I really enjoy working with, I eat differently, I updated my style. And finally, I decided to be not just a dreamer but dreamer achiever and share my path with you in this blog.

All the changes I’ve made have made me happier and more the person I want to be. I’m still same happy little girl from a small town but the scenery in which I life a have changed in very positive way. Some decisions have been harder than others. In this radical changes there will be some tears, some moments when you feel dissappointed and scared, but it’s worth it if the changes are towards what you really want from your life.

Have a great day and even greater tomorrow! ❤

This time I won’t tag anyone specifically – I’ll instead challenge all you, my dear readers to share your tree favorite quotes in tree days. 🙂

XOXO Nora / Dreamer Achiever

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