Quote Challenge Day 1 / 3

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I found an interesting and inspiring challenge from Tazzie Dee’s blog . The rules are really simple. You just have to post one quote a day and tag three people for three days. The quote can be anything but I want to post quotes that motivate and inspire both me and hopefully you guys too! 🙂

Today’s quote:


This one is a really good one. If you have the motivation, you can do whatever you want even if it might sound impossible. That fact you have motivation that comes from you, not only from the people around you, makes you work harder and reach all your goals. 🙂

I’ll tag / challenge:

  1. Barefoot Blonde from www.barefootblonde.com

2. Darly from https://darlydarly.wordpress.com

3. Veera from http://www.merenhelmi.com

Stay tuned for the next too quotes! 🙂

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