Day off / Part 2/2 Night

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5. Grocery and wine shopping in shopping mall Sello, Espoo.

It took like half an hour to find a parking lot in their parking hall but we made it! Now we have too much food, new wine classes and plenty of wine bottles. Oops. I’m always working when the liquor stores in Finland are open so this happens haha.


6. The Intern -movie ❤ ❤ ❤

I had two movie tickets that were expiring in two weeks. We had decided that we’ll go and watch Ted 2 some night. Well, I guess we wait too long because they don’t run it nighttime anymore here in capital area so we had to find some other movie worth of watching. In Finland we basically have movie theater monopoly – in bigger cities all the theaters are under Finnkino brand. I went to their webpage to check what they offer. None of the movies seemed superb so we ended up to The Intern basically because it was filmed in Brooklyn and had gorgeous Anne Hathaway and super charismatic Robert De Niro in it.

This American comedy movie was superb! Great actors, beautiful atmosphere, story full of love, some drama and great tips to life told by the old intern. Now I know why gentlemen used to have / have pocket squares. Awws, perfect clothing and happy moments. Only minus was that it was really easy to predict what’s going to happen next. However the movie was great 5/5! Concentrate on the scenery, the clothing and all the great tips and you will fell in love. I could even watch this one again because it made me feel happy again and again. Below is the trailer of The Intern:


7. Candlelight & Wine

It was my time to get surprised: a) he had bought us candles and b) those cuties smelled lavender. ❤ Hanging out in our beautiful balcony and enjoying good wine, candles and warm blankets was just perfect end of perfect day together. 🙂

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