Day off / The Best Day of September so Far Part 1/2 Day

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1. Breakfast surprise

The morning began with my surprise to my bf. I cooked us breakfast – bacon, fruits, nuts and coffee. Fun thing in this is that I’ve practically never made coffee or bacon I only drink cafeteria coffees and I cannot touch raw meat so it’s quite rare saw me cooking it all by myself. But I nailed them both and he was really surprised. 😀


2. Deliciest delivery

It’s been a while since my last review post about something sponsored. I can gladly tell that there will be couple product reviews in next couple weeks. Two different companies have donated me couple of their products for a review, you can see one of them above. 🙂


3. Flamingo Spa

Hot pools, different saunas and piece. Flamingo spa is part of spa hotel Flamingo in Vantaa but you can use it without staying in the hotel. Flamingo itself has plenty of things to do from indoor Waterpark to shopping and eating. After the U.S. Flamingo felt small but good company makes it worth visiting. Price of 29€ per person is a bit too much compared to what it offers but I’m happy we found out that with student ID you can get “buy one, take two” offer. Same deal is in cityshopper app. 😉

IMG_3283 IMG_32854. Golden Leaf

My colleague and relative recommended me this luxurious Chinese restaurant located in Fredrikinkatu, downtown Helsinki. He said it’s better than most other Chinese restaurants in Helsinki area and oh my, it was beautiful and had super delicious food! And the service was great too. I’m sure I’ll soon go there again and do a separate, longer review.

IMG_3291 IMG_3299

Continues in a day in Part 2/2 Night, stay tuned! 🙂

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